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Wildlife Camera Trapping

I have started using wildlife camera traps to try to discover just how much wildlife we have on our doorsteps. It is all too easy to take for granted the incredible wildlife that we have locally. I am based in Essex, and most of the places I have been filming in are urban environments in towns, near stations, and by main roads, so even I was surprised by just how much footage there was. Using these cameras I managed to capture badgers, foxes, deer, blue tits, great tits robins and even frogs!

My next aim is to follow the story of the badgers, and hopefully get some ever elusive badger cub footage. Then once the days get longer and the sun sets later, I will try to use my long lens camera to get some photos of them in the wild and finally see a badger with my own eyes! So, wish me luck and you can follow my camera trapping journey on my socials!

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