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Hedgehogs - A simple way we can help

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Hedgehogs are in trouble. There is an ever increasing number of buildings, roads and garden fences blocking their paths. Typically they would travel up to a mile a night for food and water. However, these barriers mean they are in danger when crossing roads and they cannot meet other individuals to mate. This has led to a significant decrease in their populations, in some places up to 75%.

There is one very simple, free way so many of us can help. Quite simply, you just need to put a hole in your fence, about 13cm square. Obviously ensure that your neighbours are happy with this. Get your communities involved, your families and friends and it will go a very long way into helping these loveable creatures. The best thing is, it isn't just hedgehogs this helps, many other species will benefit from this including toads, which are also rapidly declining.

Then you can have fun with it, leave out cat food if you want during the winter months, record any hedgehog activity and see what a difference such a simple act can make.

For more information on helping the hedgehogs please join my facebook group: Hedgehog Highways Essex or get in touch.

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