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My Story

My vision is to inspire people to appreciate the incredible wildlife all around us and to motivate people to create change. We can do it together. Now, more than ever, we have to act to save our wildlife.

I am a wildlife biologist and presenter. I graduated from the Royal Veterinary College with an integrated Master's in Wild Animal Biology in 2021. My experience includes working in a veterinary practice, as a presenter, researcher, and volunteer zookeeper. Whilst at the zoo and volunteering as a keeper, I discovered a particular fondness for penguins! In particular one special Humboldt penguin called Primrose who would follow me around the enclosure!

I am very proud to be the Essex Wildlife Trust's first ever ambassador and I work with them to showcase the natural world and encourage people to get involved in helping it. One of my favourite areas of work is with marine life, and for this reason I volunteer as a  Marine Mammal Medic for the British Divers Marine Life Rescue to help species like seals and porpoises on the Essex coastline. I also volunteer with ZSL to monitor critically endangered European Eels, who struggle to migrate due to the huge number of barriers in our waterways! A new role for me, is that I am now a presenter for Phoenix FM radio, where I talk about wildlife and interview wildlife orientated guests.

I have trained with Aspire in TV presenting and am experienced with talkback, autocue, green screen, interviews, and live presenting.

Please join me in our fight to protect our planet and to celebrate our wildlife.

About Me: Bio
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